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Planning Commission

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Hear and provide recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding amendments to this Ordinance or the Official Zoning Map.
  2. Review and administer all matters upon which it is required to act.
  3. Establish uniform bylaws and rules of procedure pertaining to review of applications, conduct of public hearings and issuance of permits.
  4. Periodically review the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Plan and requirements of this Ordinance and initiate and recommend amendments thereto.
  5. Invoke any authorized legal, equitable or special remedy for the proper and effective enforcement of this Ordinance.
  6. Hear and decide conditional use applications in accordance with the requirements and limitations of this Ordinance.
  7. Conduct or review special studies and prepare recommendations as may be required by law or requested by the Mayor and City Council.
Planning Commission Members
Jeff Morris – Chairperson 2009
Keith Wasem – Vice Chairperson 2014
Jeff Bart – Secretary 2011
Mark Shaneyfelt 1990
Christa Hunnicutt 2011
Ron Elge 2016
Wayne Brehm 2019
Bob Cool 2021
Jody Griffith 2021

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