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Zoning FAQs

When is a Zoning Permit Application required?
Any person intending to build a new structure, add to existing structures or make any structural changes to the outside perimeter of existing buildings within the zoning limits of the city, regardless of cost, shall obtain, before commencing work in connection therewith, a zoning permit as provided for herein. Where the intention is to otherwise repair or maintain an existing building or structure at a cost in excess of $1,500 excluding labor costs, a zoning application shall also be obtained before commencing work in connection therewith. No person shall erect, construct, enlarge or improve any building or structure or cause the same to be done within an area of Special Flood Hazard (Zone A) without first obtaining a separate floodplain development permit for each building or structure, including the placement of a mobile home.
What building code has the City adopted?
per Nebraska Revised State Statute 71-6406; If a county, city, or village does not adopt a code as authorized under subdivision (a) of this subsection within two years after an update to the state building code, the state building code shall apply in the county, city, or village, except that such code shall not apply to construction on a farm or for farm purposes. The current state building code as stated in Nebraska Revised State Statute 71-6403 .


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