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Mayor Welcome

The city would like to invite you to enjoy the beauty of our community.  We are excited to welcome you and your family to our town…a progressive and safe place to live, work and raise your family.  We have many amenities to offer that will provide you with a quality of life we all seek for our families.

Our city has so many institutions to support you, your children as well as your entrepreneurship/business desires.  We have an outstanding school system and a progressive and well-staffed health care system.  The city provides a library, numerous parks and recreation facilities which are available to all area citizens.  Please visit our 1895 Central Park Square Courthouse which is surrounded by the historic shopping district, the Plainsman Museum, the Leadership Center, the Edgerton Explorit Center, Cole Park’s splash pad, Streeter’s Park aquatic center, walking trails and the golf course.

The city is committed to supporting your business growth by providing infrastructure in place to accommodate future growth.  Our downtown has merchants that are very helpful and will provide a variety of shopping opportunities. Our safe community is staffed by the Aurora Police Department and volunteer Fire Department.

The most valuable asset that we have in Aurora is our people.  The community takes pride in hard work, volunteerism, and willingness to be very helpful by offering information about our city and assisting you as you explore Aurora.

When you have a question, please consult the City website at www.cityofaurora.org or visit the staff at City Hall, 402-694-6992, located at 905 13th street.


Marlin Seeman
Mayor, City of Aurora

  • Marlin Seeman


    I’m pleased to serve as the newly-elected Mayor of the City of Aurora.  There is a sense of joy serving in a progressive city that I care very much about for the future.

    My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in Aurora since 1972.  During that time, I taught Agricultural Education at the Hampton Public Schools for 34 years.  I have served on numerous professional and community committees, was elected twice to the Aurora City Council, and three previous terms as Mayor of Aurora.

    I am a passionate Husker fan, enjoy outdoor sports and traveling to new and interesting locations.  I have three degrees related to Agricultural Education and have served in leadership capacities at my church, the Leadership Center, Hampton Schools and the State-wide FFA missions.

    I welcome you to stop by Aurora City Hall and discuss the role of the running back in Nebraska football or some questions you might have about infrastructure, economic development, business-related activities, positive progress that the city could implement for an improved lifestyle for businesses, entrepreneurs, and families in Aurora.

    • 402.694.6992

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