Where the Possibilities are Endless

Marlin Seeman

January 30, 2019

I’m pleased to serve as the newly-elected Mayor of the City of Aurora.  There is a sense of joy serving in a progressive city that I care very much about for the future.

My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in Aurora since 1972.  During that time, I taught Agricultural Education at the Hampton Public Schools for 34 years.  I have served on numerous professional and community committees, was elected twice to the Aurora City Council, and three previous terms as Mayor of Aurora.

I am a passionate Husker fan, enjoy outdoor sports and traveling to new and interesting locations.  I have three degrees related to Agricultural Education and have served in leadership capacities at my church, the Leadership Center, Hampton Schools and the State-wide FFA missions.

I welcome you to stop by Aurora City Hall and discuss the role of the running back in Nebraska football or some questions you might have about infrastructure, economic development, business-related activities, positive progress that the city could implement for an improved lifestyle for businesses, entrepreneurs, and families in Aurora.

Last modified: January 31, 2019

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