Water Department

The City’s Water Department has responsibility for all activities related to the delivery of drinking water, including storage (water tower), pumping stations, and water mains. We are also responsible for planning, establishing, and overseeing the construction of new water system improvements.

Currently we are in the process of implementing a comprehensive City-wide Meter Replacement Program to reduce our overall water and waste water distribution systems losses. An aggressive program, which will take approximately two to three years to complete, of replacing meters for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers is the first step of the program. Meters which have been installed new during the last five to seven years, will not initially be replaced, unless through testing they are found to not be properly functioning.

The majority of the meters in the City system are in excess of twenty years of age. The AWWA (American Water Works Association) average life expectancy of a meter is ten years or one million gallons, whichever comes first. Measuring accurately is what meters are intended and designed to do. Meter accuracy is however more than calibration. It is also determining the correct size, type of meter for the installation and use, and how it is installed.

Revenue is being lost for the Water and Sewer Systems because meters are not registering accurately in our City. Meters are the “cash registers” for both the water and sanitary sewer utilities which are designed as Enterprise Funds, to operate on a profit and loss basis, just as any private sector business. Meters are mechanical devices and are subject to wear and deterioration, particularly affected by the quality of water in a system.

Residents and businesses will be contacted in the near future for the City to schedule an appointment for the replacement of your old water meter. Your cooperation is appreciated!