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As Mayor of the City of Aurora, I want to assure each citizen that the city staff is taking every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our community during this Coronavirus Pandemic.  We have been proactive over the last few weeks by reducing the traffic in and out of our public buildings (Library and City Hall).   This is to promote “social distancing” and maintaining a level of quarantine to each building site.   We are confident that we are modeling and contributing to the efforts of the Central Health District, State of Nebraska and CDC guidelines.

You, as citizens of our community, are asked to help protect your neighbors and friends by reducing social contact and maintaining healthy practices.   As responsible members of our community, please consider supporting charitable causes and providing encouraging words to others in our community so they feel a sense of care and connection during this time of stress.

Please remember we are maintaining all essential services so that we can care for the special needs of our community.

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