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Dog Park

September 27, 2017

Aurora Dog Park, Inc. and the City of Aurora partnered to develop and construct a much-needed dog park on the east side of town near the Aurora Adopt A Pet. The park was developed with the idea of separate areas for different temperaments of dogs. The area designated for “Less Active Dogs” consists of approximately 500 lineal feet of 4’-0” tall fence and .33 acres of grass area to run. The area designated for “Active Dogs” consists of approximately 860 lineal feet of 6’-0” tall fence and .8 acres of grass area. The Aurora Dog Park is maintained by City of Aurora Parks and Recreation Department.

UPDATE: City of Aurora Public Works staff has installed a drinking fountain purchased by Aurora Dog Park, Inc. which was completed around the end of May 2018. Installation of a sprinkler system is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2018.

Last modified: January 25, 2019

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