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Emergency Routes

“A” Street, from 8th to 16th Streets

“M” Street, from 1st to 16th Streets

“L” Street, from 11th to 16th Streets

12th Street, from “A” to “Q” Streets

13th Street, from “G” to “Q” Streets

9th Street, from “A” to “Q” Streets

6th Street, from “M” to Hospital Entrance

5th Street, from “Q” to “M” Streets

1st Street, from Burlington Road to “Q” Street

“O” Street, from 5th to 6th Streets

“J” Street, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to 9th Street

“E” Street, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to Mallard Drive

Woodland Road, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to Limerick Road


Once the City Street Department begins snow plowing and removal, every effort will be made to contact owners of vehicles parked on the Emergency Routes for the vehicles to be moved off of the City Streets. If after these contact efforts are made and vehicles are not moved during this Snow Emergency, the City of Aurora Police Department will begin towing vehicles parked on the Emergency Routes.

Removal of Snow from Sidewalks – It is the property owner’s or occupant’s responsibility to clear sidewalks of snow and ice. It is prohibited to blow, shovel, or plow snow from sidewalks, driveway, or private property onto any City street or other City property. See Municipal Code Section 8-202.
It is not the responsibility of the City to clear snow that was plowed from the street onto curbside sidewalks or private driveways. During a snowstorm City crews will need to make several passes to clean the snow efficiently. Save time and energy by waiting until the crews have finished plowing before cleaning out your driveways.

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