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COVID-19 Utility Bill Policy

The City of Aurora, Nebraska understands that COVID-19 is having an unprecedented disruptive effect on customer’s ability to pay monthly utility bills. Thus, the City of Aurora will waive the 10% penalty (late fee) and not disconnect any customer for 90 days (subject to extension, additional 90 days) under the following conditions:

The customer subject to the disconnection submits in writing a request to suspend the utility disconnection because of financial disruption to the customer’s personal or business income from COVID-19.

The customer shall indicate briefly the nature of the disruption such as:
 Loss of income from contracting COVID-19
 Loss of income from caring for family member or friend that has COVID-19
 Temporary or permanent loss of employment
 Income loss due to social distancing
 Loss of income from self-quarantine
 Other COVID-19 related reasons, please describe:

The customer shall indicate in writing a willingness to commit to a payment plan for the unpaid utility bills. Click on the Links below to download the Forms.

City Council Policy for COVID-19 Pandemic

Customer Willingness to Pay Agreement

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