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Tributary to Lincoln Creek Storm Sewer Improvements

October 29, 2020

This project is located along the tributary that meanders north and east through private property from the north end of Cole Park until its confluence with Lincoln Creek just west of Streeter Park. Several portions of the reach have experienced channel degradation and bank stability issues. In addition, there is erosion and scour at roadway crossing of Jennifer Road and 9th Street, which may over time threaten the integrity of the roadway. A study was performed in March of 2020 by JEO Consulting which developed recommendations for mitigating the channel bed degradation and roadway culvert issues. Those recommendations that will be included in the construction of the is project are as follows:

  • Construct a small grade control structures through private property using riprap.
  • Replace both Jennifer Road and 9th Street culverts with a large single culvert, grade old channel area and add new inlet/outlet sections.
  • New storm sewer improvement starting at 9th Street and R Street and extending north approximately 450 feet to the existing channel. The improvement will include Four (4) storm sewer inlets, two (2) at the intersection and  two (2) south of the intersection to effectively capture runoff.

Last modified: December 17, 2020

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