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Streeter’s First and Second Additions

July 13, 2018

With Aurora Development Corporation as the lead developer on both Streeter’s First Addition and Streeter’s Second Addition the development resulted in 30 buildable residential lots, 10 residential lots with single family dwellings, and a lot that is now home to the newly constructed Westfield Quality Care Facility. The general contractor for the project was Mid Nebraska Land Development. Sub-contractors Van Kirk Construction (installed approximately 2,300 feet of 8” Sewer Main and 300 feet of 18”-30” Storm Sewer), Ott Concrete Construction (poured approximately 7,300 SY of concrete) and the City of Aurora Public Works Department (installed approximately 2,800 feet of 8” PVC water main). This development extended Matson Street (North), Cottage Park Drive (East and North), and added a new street to the City known as Capital Street (east and west between Cottage Park Drive and 1st Street).

Update: Currently there are two new homes under construction on each side of the newly paved Cottage Park Drive.

Last modified: July 13, 2018

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