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2018 Municipal Water Supply Improvements

July 13, 2018

The City of Aurora is constructing a new municipal water well to ensure that the community has the water capacity required to continue to operate at an optimal level as well as offer the quality of water required for a community water supply system. The levels of nitrates in our system are a growing issue. With the construction of this well approximately ½ a mile west of the well we drilled in 2016, we anticipate another well with consistently low nitrate levels, the well-constructed in 2016 averages 1.4 ppm, our lowest to date. The addition of this Municipal Water Production Well will go west to County Road P then south along the west side of County Road P to just north of Adams Street where it will be connected to an existing water main. With the installation of the Water Well and Infrastructure Improvements we will also someday be able to connect Well 6 and Well 7 together to create a loop in the water system and maintain a more stable pressure and volume of water to the northern portion of our water system. This can also provide a benefit for future development of that area with the water system in place.

UPDATE 1/2019: Rutjen’s Construction was awarded the bid for the construction of the Well and transmission main. Construction began mid January with the directional bore of 275 feet of 18″ HDPE Pipe under Lincoln Creek west of P Road. The estimated completion of the project is June of 2019.

Last modified: January 25, 2019

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